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April 23, 2018




I saw my best friend from the North this weekend. She was my work wife. I say was because we no longer work together. But that's a mere technicality. She is very much my kindred spirit and she is amazing. And as greedy as me........ No, no, this is a good thing. Let me explain. Whenever we meet, amongst the mammoth task of putting the world to rights, food dominates our every waking thought. 


But it's not just solids that form part of our diet but liquids too, in perhaps not too moderate measures. Then again, I never really bought into the whole growing up thing anyway. 


It did get me thinking about drinks though.......and part of the idea behind my restaurant is that it will also have drinks which compliment the food and compliment themselves with the general social ambiance. With that in mind I have been determined to think carefully on what to drink to pair with the style of food I am offering. I have no doubt that wine and beer will feature but my primary focus is on cocktails. They are light and varied, suited to all palates and not too filling which means one can focus on the food properly. Ladies first, so this time perhaps the martinis were slightly feminine in flavour (Plus One seemed happy but then he was outnumbered.........) but the theory is, I would respectfully submit, right. Cocktails work. 


Anyway back to the weekend. ........What I love about this sort of visit and friendship is that it requires not effort. Whilst our consumption of fluids and solids in vast quantities necessitates years of commitment and dedication, it is done freely, without guilt and not a shred of judgement.


I know when we are in a restaurant waiting to order, there won't be any attempt to stop me when I consider asking for ALL the starters on the menu. Nor will there be questions as to why I am ordering two sides of carbs as well (mac cheese and fries-please!).


Neither will there be any comment when l admit defeat (rarely done, I'm slow at eating but as I tell my kids it's not a race) and continue to order dessert. My eyes may be bigger than my tummy but there's nothing worse than eating with someone who you cannot be one hundred percent comfortable with.




Now not everyone is like me. Some people have restraint. That's fine. I'm ok with that. As long as they don't feel the need to comment on my deadly sin then all is well with the world. Growing up, eating out in our family was our thing. We didn't have holidays abroad, or fancy cars or a big house but the one thing we always did was to eat out at all the latest restaurants. Both my parents loved it as did my sister and I. It was exciting and a treat. New places, different smells and exotic food. I don't once recall either of my parents telling me I couldn't order something or that it was just a starter/main or main/pudding. It was always "Order what you want, eat and be happy!" And I was. Maybe that's why for me, even in this day and age, eating out is a treat and I don't want to feel bad about it.


Said BFF in the North has been watching eagled eyed at my culinary feasts and wisely put in an order which consisted of "I'll have one of everything." I had been planning the menu and weighing up how many eating hours we were spending together to acomodate said gastronomical feast.....needless to say she was not disappointed. 


So in the spirit of you can never have too much of a good thing, this is definitely not a case of less is more here's a greedy dish to feed one liked minded person, that could stretch to two but only if they are quick..............














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